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How To Videos

I Won A Prize!

How To Fill Out The Google Form

How To Return a Product to Mary Kay

How To Find Your Sample Saved Order

How To Add Customers To MK InTouch

How To Add A Team Member To MK InTouch

How To Close 1:1 Virtual Session

How To Create a Product Video For Customers

How To Use Customer Delivery Service (CDS)

How To Create A Customer Facebook Group

How To Email An Online Agreement

How To Enroll Your Customers In PCP

How To Host A FB Skincare Party

How To Create A Flat Lay

How To Create A Google Form

How To Create Live Virtual Events

How To Use the MK Skin Analyzer App

How To Use Product Central On MK InTouch

How To Ship From Home

How To Create A Virtual Beauty Sesh Packet

How To Create A Zoom Beauty Sesh

How To Hold A Zoom Party

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